Where you get JUST what you want!

Where you get JUST what you want!

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The Ultimate Knife Kit is a collaborative effort of many top artists and suppliers from accross the country and around the world working together to provide the finest quality materials, parts, and custom services to enable YOU to create and complete your perfect custom knife projects.

Interactively experience what the CUSTOM end of Kit knives CAN be. Our team of professionals are eager to help take you to the next level in custom knife making.

You no longer need an elaborate shop full of expensive power tools to make these wonderful creations. You are one phone call away from creating the

Ultimate Knife Kit

 where we Custom make each order to fit your needs exactly.

You may want to start out with a fully hardened blade that comes to you etched, and ready to mount the guards and handle, or grind your own bevels into a custom made damascus blank and use your own ideas, or you may simply want a rough blank, straight out of the forge, so you can do all the work yourself.

We want to help provide whatever you need to get to the next level in knife making.

Services to include:

Custom made blades, damascus blanks, forged fittings, exotic and rare handle materials, custom grinding, machining, polishing, heat treating, custom stamps or stencils for your logo, jigs, designs, sheaths, fittings, hardware, classes, and even embelishment services for engraving, scrimshaw, or silver wire inlays,etc... photography and web page help is also available.

Together we will take custom knives into a better future.

Gene Osborn